Friday, June 26, 2009

Etsy, Ooh La La.

Yes, I know it's summertime, but if it's still fashionable to wear one's sunglasses at night then there are still many opportunities to incorporate your favorite toques into your summer wardrobe!  Like on a chilly night while huddled around a crackling campfire for example...

So you want someone to knit you a toque, but you don't know who to ask?

You can ask ME!

Custom made with all my love and care.  

The Slouch finishes to be 9 inches in length with a brim of 2 inches.  For a more smurfish look try The Super Slouch which finishes to 11 inches in length with no brim.  One size fits all (unless of course you have an unusually large brain in which case we'll find a way to accommodate you.)

Click on the Juniper Grace button for details...

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A huge kudos, thank you, thumbs up, applause and any other form of positive affirmation goes out to JESSICA for her stellar photography and HOT modeling skills... Plus she's just awesome.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Due to some technical difficulties our store update has been postponed until Thursday, June 25th 2009.  

The fruits of tonight's labours instead came in the form of face-lifts to the blog... How much do you L-O-V-E the new header designed by Grace? tons, I know!

Here are some random scans from the doodle-fest/"blain-storm".

Please note that the spelling error on "Etsy" has been remedied... Haha. If Grace was still here she would tell you: "Don't judge! It's late."

Have a happy evening!! -D

Monday, June 22, 2009

I <3 TOMS!

Ok... so if you are my friend on Facebook chances are you've heard this... but... I LOVE TOMS! I just discovered this amazing shoe company that, for every pair of shoes sold, will put one pair of shoes on the feet of a child in need! ONE FOR ONE

This makes my heart want to sing for joy! NO JOKES... So I've decided that come fall I will need a new pair of shoes... especially given that I usually only have one pair of "actual shoes" on the go at any given time... and then I wear those shoes to the ground (flip flops don't count... never you mind then)

ANYWAYS.. I want to save a little moola and buy some TOMS... so that not only will I put some shoes on my feet but on some other little person's feet who really needs them! Please will you help me decide which ones to choose? I have given you four options... vote in the comments... I will keep you posted.

HERE IS THE LINK! GO CHECK OUT TOMS! see for yourself how they want to change the world!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busking & Late Night Shenanigans

First of all... Busking.  Yesterday we broke the busking ice and headed down Government Street, ukuleles in hand... Grace and I serenaded passers by and Jessica cheered us on and photographed the momentous occasion--!
Bugs? Yep. We discovered plenty of bugs that we need to work out... It was a learning experience...
My fav. part?  Well, we definitely made some $$.  That's always nice... And we know that it will only go up from there... But the best part, in all honesty, was knowing that we absolutely MADE some people's days... People smiled, and lingered, and beamed, and stopped to talk to us... We even had one man come out of his place of business and hire us to go dedicate a song to his girlfriend who was working at a restaurant a block down.  What an amazing day!!  Even if there was no money involved (which, don't get me wrong, is a definite benefit) I have to say that the pure joy of good company, good music and making some strangers happy... Worth it.  Worth it a thousand times over.
LATE NIGHT SHENANIGANS.... Um... Well.... 4 or so in the am... Jess and I... Well... Just watch the video.  Enjoy. 

Friday, June 19, 2009


Knitegans? Shenanaknit? Ooh, nevermind.  Nice toque, Grace! WOOT! 

N e how, to let our viewing public know, we are tentatively planning our FIRST BUSKING ADVENTURE on the streets of Victoria BC for this Saturday...  Oh my gosh, that's tomorrow.  Wow, we need to hurry on that busking lisence.

In other news:
Please look forward to MONDAY, June 22, 2009.  This will be the date of our first major store update... Come see what we've been working on!


Late night confessions of a Knit-aholic

Good evening/morning/evening... whatever it is! So this is the blog... and here are some of my shenanigans as of late... It all started with Jessica wanting a toque. What's that you say? "But Grace, it's the middle of June! Surely she doesn't want a toque in light of this splendid-warm-non-toque-needing- weather!" Oh but there is no stopping Jessica in her quest for the perfect toque... regardless of the season.

Meet "Jane"
I knit the first one in a blue variegated yarn I spun... and to be honest I didn't want to take it off my head! However, the toque was Jessica's and so I had to make my own!

Two days later... after running out of the original yarn I wanted to use... improvising with a new colour.... almost scrapping the entire toque at least three times... While eating a corn dog and watching 'So You Think You Can Dance: Australia' Season 1... Here she is... the green hippy toque of AWESOME! I dub her MILDRED.

She is hand-knit.. from hand-spun yarn... Truly I think I am a hippy... and that this toque is pure hippy-crafty- expression on a head! It was a delight to knit AND finish this toque. I have more plans up my sleeves for other toques.... I will keep y'all posted!

So what do you do? How would you characterize yourself? What creative expression might demonstrate who you are? Let us know. Share some pictures. GO CREATE!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just that kind of week...

So I think this image of Grace completely sums up how I'm feeling... Somehow, she was just able to capture what was inside of me and put it on her face for all the world to view. Thank you Grace.  You have a way with me... Clearly. 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Recent Adventures...

Hmmm, so recent adventures... Yesterday I went to the zoo! Please note the lady in red shoes... I thought she was very appropriately dressed... Why didn't I think of that? The "ROUS" who struck a pose for me... I'm very grateful. ("Rodents of unusual size?? I don't think they exist.") There are a couple of pics from the grade 1/2 pool party... Me uking of course, and a close up of the icing splattered across my face during an icing fight that I was innocently trying to stay out of... And of course our trip to the emu farm. Good times. Hello emu! Hello man who looks after emu.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grace = currently in the process of moving to Victoria... Danielle = happy helper. Pirate gear??? One of the many surprises lurking in Grace's home just waiting to be discovered...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Silly Boys

Here's a couple of pics from my Sunday... You really should have been there to witness the whole episode. Scene 1: Boys disappear into bushes, grunting and making manly noises. Scene 2: Boys reemerge carrying a fallen tree. Scene 3: Tree is chucked into the river. Scene 4: Boys mount tree... Scene 5: RAPIDS.

You should have heard them squeal.

Heh heh heh.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Beginning . . .

Hey, my name is Danielle. You'll be meeting my amazing friends Grace and Jessica shortly but first I'm going to take a little time to explain what on earth is going on here...

Here's how the story goes...

Chapter One: A FREAK OF NATURE friendship. I have always been the queen of a million acquaintances... But suddenly, come last January, enter into my life, stage left: Grace Morrison... This twisted bundle of absolute amazing. We have ridiculous amounts of odd things in common, from interests, quirks, idiosyncrasies, talents, life experiences, joys, fears... On top of that, we just click--get along--complement and balance one another out in unexpected ways. Weird. Weird, weird, weird.

How much do I love her? Ridiculous amounts. "Graacceee! If I were a polygamous bisexual I would MARRY YOU!"

Chapter Two: Daily Grind. We both found ourselves in very difficult positions... Money really is important. It may not be the be all-- end all, but it certainly does come in handy from time to time... (Like rent time, and when you run out of groceries for example...) But how long can you deny your gifts, passions, visions and ideas, and continue to shove them down because they don't fit into your daily routine or into your workplace? It's like trying to cram yourself into a mold that wasn't made to fit you.

Chapter Three: The Ukulele. Early this year Grace made a random impulse buy and came home with a ukulele. She learned to play quite quickly, and matched with her ridiculously beautiful voice she became quite a lovely traveling minstrel.
Now, several months later, I cannot tell you what on earth inspired me to pick up a ukulele. I'm musical, that's for sure, but I've never been what you call "successful" with any instrument even resembling a guitar... But May the 2nd, standing in a Victoria music store, nothing was going to convince me to put down the beautiful work of art known at the "Tiki King" (That's the model name -- I fondly named him Elvis -- figured it was appropriate.)

Chapter Four: Passionate and Unemployed. I became completely enamored with the ukulele and Grace and I had many a jam session. We sounded dang good together too! (Then again, why wouldn't we? I mentioned our friendship is a freak of nature, right??) We began to entertain the idea of busking... Grace had already decided that she was not going back to her job come the fall, and I had recently received the news that I was being laid off. (This was the second time in two years from the same place, take a hint, Danielle, right!?) So we figured, hmm, spend the summer months enjoying each other's company, playing music and making some good pocket change? Sounds like a good idea. That way we don't have to face the "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE!!??" question until the fall at least. Double good!

Chapter Five: The other woman. Grace's other best friend Jessica packed up her life in New Brunswick, moved clear across the country and landed in Victoria BC to be with Grace. You can imagine how I felt... I was prematurely mourning the loss of my freak-of-nature friendship... Do you blame me? But then something unexpected happened... Can lightening strike twice? It did. Freak of nature #2... And together we make a pretty freaking glorious 3!

Chapter Six: Over a mug of tea. Grace and I go out for tea after belly-dancing class every week... It's become a bit of a tradition... It is during this time that we do the majority of our dreaming, discussing, catching up, venting, brain-storming (permanently called "blainstorming, due to my frequent texting blunders...), etc. During one such session we found ourselves once again rehashing our feelings of aimlessness and hopelessness in the employment arena. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just get paid for being ourselves? For being creative and crafty? Painting, crocheting, knitting, hemping, Selling all kinds of creations... Writing music, performing... *Happy sighs*.... If only. Wouldn't it be great? To bad life doesn't work that way...

But why shouldn't it?

Chapter Seven: Shenanigans is born. That night the heavens opened up over my brain and I began bubbling out ideas faster than I could write them down... I texted Grace and vomited my excitement all over her... I guess my disease was contagious because she caught it and then faithfully passed it on to Jessica. A few "blainstorming" sessions later, and we hashed out our brilliant game plan.

It all starts here, at this blog. If all goes even reasonably according to plan then there will be so much more to come, but for now this is where we start.

The three of us are looking forward to a brilliant summer.

We will explore.
We will create.
We will busk.
& We will blog.

And you will be a part of it!!


Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest.
Thank you also for supporting us as we venture seriously outside the box.
Here's to living your life authentically! Be who you were created to be.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The adventures of three young ladies in life, art, music and mischief.
Heeeere we go!