Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busking & Late Night Shenanigans

First of all... Busking.  Yesterday we broke the busking ice and headed down Government Street, ukuleles in hand... Grace and I serenaded passers by and Jessica cheered us on and photographed the momentous occasion--!
Bugs? Yep. We discovered plenty of bugs that we need to work out... It was a learning experience...
My fav. part?  Well, we definitely made some $$.  That's always nice... And we know that it will only go up from there... But the best part, in all honesty, was knowing that we absolutely MADE some people's days... People smiled, and lingered, and beamed, and stopped to talk to us... We even had one man come out of his place of business and hire us to go dedicate a song to his girlfriend who was working at a restaurant a block down.  What an amazing day!!  Even if there was no money involved (which, don't get me wrong, is a definite benefit) I have to say that the pure joy of good company, good music and making some strangers happy... Worth it.  Worth it a thousand times over.
LATE NIGHT SHENANIGANS.... Um... Well.... 4 or so in the am... Jess and I... Well... Just watch the video.  Enjoy. 

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