Friday, June 19, 2009

Late night confessions of a Knit-aholic

Good evening/morning/evening... whatever it is! So this is the blog... and here are some of my shenanigans as of late... It all started with Jessica wanting a toque. What's that you say? "But Grace, it's the middle of June! Surely she doesn't want a toque in light of this splendid-warm-non-toque-needing- weather!" Oh but there is no stopping Jessica in her quest for the perfect toque... regardless of the season.

Meet "Jane"
I knit the first one in a blue variegated yarn I spun... and to be honest I didn't want to take it off my head! However, the toque was Jessica's and so I had to make my own!

Two days later... after running out of the original yarn I wanted to use... improvising with a new colour.... almost scrapping the entire toque at least three times... While eating a corn dog and watching 'So You Think You Can Dance: Australia' Season 1... Here she is... the green hippy toque of AWESOME! I dub her MILDRED.

She is hand-knit.. from hand-spun yarn... Truly I think I am a hippy... and that this toque is pure hippy-crafty- expression on a head! It was a delight to knit AND finish this toque. I have more plans up my sleeves for other toques.... I will keep y'all posted!

So what do you do? How would you characterize yourself? What creative expression might demonstrate who you are? Let us know. Share some pictures. GO CREATE!


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  1. I love the toque! You make a gorgeous hippie, grace