Friday, June 26, 2009

Etsy, Ooh La La.

Yes, I know it's summertime, but if it's still fashionable to wear one's sunglasses at night then there are still many opportunities to incorporate your favorite toques into your summer wardrobe!  Like on a chilly night while huddled around a crackling campfire for example...

So you want someone to knit you a toque, but you don't know who to ask?

You can ask ME!

Custom made with all my love and care.  

The Slouch finishes to be 9 inches in length with a brim of 2 inches.  For a more smurfish look try The Super Slouch which finishes to 11 inches in length with no brim.  One size fits all (unless of course you have an unusually large brain in which case we'll find a way to accommodate you.)

Click on the Juniper Grace button for details...

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A huge kudos, thank you, thumbs up, applause and any other form of positive affirmation goes out to JESSICA for her stellar photography and HOT modeling skills... Plus she's just awesome.


  1. Who's that model wearing the purple shirt?

  2. That's Jessica same girl as in the blue striped sweater too!