Friday, July 10, 2009

My Ever Growing List Of Why I Love This Island

#1 (with many more to come)

The huge variety of lakes, rivers and creeks to go swimming in.  Come on, picture yourself living in Vancouver... What would your options be?  A local chlorine and pee filled swimming pool?  Or a road trip to Cultus Lake where you can pay for parking, and cram your little bikini clad self onto an overpopulated beach? Hmm, sounds like fun...

Vancouver Island, however, comes with a significant amount of options...

SO HERE'S YOUR CHALLENGE: Throw on your swimsuit, get out and discover someplace new.  It doesn't have to be uncharted, just new to you... Then tell us about it!! We are always up for new adventures... :-)

Some places I've enjoyed... Frequented... Discovered.

- Up a backroad on Mount Prevost is a beautiful piece of heaven. Several creek fed pools back to back.  Although the water is so pure and clean that you can see right to the details of the lake's floor it is deceivingly deep in spots! Follow the trail of the little creek offshoot at the back of the second pool to find a third lake, bigger than the first two.  Last time I was there I enjoyed countless hours running and jumping off of a giant log propped as a diving board over the lake, and swinging on a rope swing.

- Tubing down the Cowichan River.  Tres fun!

- Shawnigan Lake

- Maple Bay

- Lake Cowichan

- Sombrio Beach (on the West Coast)

- Along the Circle Route... Took a random turn on a logging road... Which lead to another random turn, and another... Drove for a couple of hours until literally the road ended.  Found an old decaying bridge overtop of a beautiful stream... Of course we shimmied down the side of the bridge and went for a splash. :-)

- Many, many maanny more


It's warm outside.

Find someplace new.

Go swimming--!!!

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